Something about us

Who we are?

We are a collective of people who are enthusiastic and passionate about Czech and Slovak traditions and tastes. Work fulfills us, and every satisfied customer who leaves us is a sign that what we do is meaningful.

How was it actually?

In 2007, we started toying with the idea of ​​opening a store in the UK. We knew that there are many Czechs and Slovaks living in London who look up to their homeland. And that's why we wanted to make their stay abroad more pleasant in this way. We wanted Slovaks and Czechs to feel at home, at least for a while, thanks to Czech and Slovak products. We managed to implement these ideas and plans in February 2008, when Dukla opened its doors for its customers for the first time. In the beginning it was difficult, but over time, this small, but well-stocked shop of ours gained its clientele, and rumors about it quickly began to spread among the Czech and Slovak communities.

Why Dukla?

Choosing the right name for Czech and Slovak food in London was really challenging. We wanted it to describe both nations, not just one. The name Dukla evoked Czechoslovakia in us, as there used to be a Dukla cinema or hotel in almost every town. As well as sports clubs. At the same time, it is also an important part of our Czechoslovak history.

Where are we located and what do we offer?

The store is located in North West London. You can find almost everything in it. First of all, we sell Czech and Slovak food. However, we also have a wide range of additional goods. We sell drugstores, cosmetics, magazines, board games and household items. For children, we have various children's books, games and toys, Karlovy Vary porcelain, art supplies and much more.

Who are our customers?

Customers in Dukla are not only Czechs and Slovaks, but people of other nationalities also come to us, but Hungarians, Poles and English are the most represented. Most of the English are married to natives. When shopping for them, funny situations often occur. Especially if they come with a shopping list from their wife or photos of the products to buy. We will then be happy to help them find them on our shelves.

What is our goal?

Our goal is a satisfied customer. That's why we try to constantly raise the level of our services, expand the product range, and regularly inform customers about news and promotions. In an effort to get to know more of our customers, we also communicate intensively with them through social networks - Facebook, Instagram. It is not easy to become a successful company, but it is much more difficult to continue to be a successful company and to improve. All our employees are aware of this. That is why we are trying to continue to build the DUKLA brand and its image on these basic values ​​- willingness, reliability, empathy. Fulfilling these values ​​for the benefit of the customer is the only possible way to their satisfaction. And that's what matters most to us. We want to achieve that under the name of DUKLA, every customer imagines a top store, whether brick-and-mortar or online, which offers a wide assortment at affordable prices, quality services and a number of key benefits for the customer.

Why E-shop?

Because we like to fulfill our customers' wishes and make them happy. Many Czechs and Slovaks would like to come and buy our products, but, unfortunately, we are not for everyone. And that's why we launched internet sales. The e-shop is still in its early days, but we believe that we will get there quickly and everything will work 100%. Therefore, our dear customers, please forgive us for all the mistakes we make and help us improve by writing us your suggestions and various observations. We will be very grateful!

We at Dukla believe that everyone deserves to have at least a piece of their home nearby, which is why we are here for you